Board Members are elected by the Bloomfield Main Street Investors at the Annual Meeting and serve a three year term. (Last year of their term is listed)
  • Alexis Henderson, President (2019)
  • Doug Dixon, Vice President (2019)
  • Lexis Lynch, Treasurer, Young Professional Chair ​(2019)
  • Karen Spurgeon, Secretary (2020)
  • Sabrina Lindley, Organization Committee Chair (2019)
  • Chayton True, Design Committee Chair (2019)
  • Abby Yearling, Promotion Committee Chair (2019)
  • Meg Benge, Main Street Mustangs Chair (2018)
  • Carol Taylor (2018)
  • Chris Ball (2019)
  • Devyn Pitlick (2020)
  • Caci Carey (2020)
  • Jack Woolard, City Representative
  • Ron Bride, County Representative​         
  • Lyn Davidson

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Executive Director

Our location:

101 E. Franklin Street

​Bloomfield IA 52537

Board of Directors

Bloomfield Main Street preserves and revitalizes the historic commercial district through business improvement, while maintaining and promoting the architectural and economic heritage of the community. 

Responsibilities of a Board Member:  ​Advocate for the organization, educate the community, promote our mission. Attend at least 10 out of 12 scheduled meetings per year. Actively participate in goal setting and strategic planning. Hire and evaluate the performance of the executive director. Establish policies for the effective management of the organization. Approve Work Plans annually. Actively recruit new board members, committee members and volunteers. Support the organization's mission with fund raising, decision making, event participation, networking, involvement, volunteer and financial support. 

Our Mission