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Snap a photo of Bloomfield's nationally acclaimed courthouse, savor a meal at a variety of family restaurants, find yourself on the square surrounded by creations of local artists and explore the antiques of the Hairy Nation. Rediscover life in and community in a cutting-edge small town. 

Bloomfield (population 2,689), located in Davis County, is nestled in the hills of Southeastern Iowa. A place where neighbors and friends still gather for morning coffee. Considered one of Iowa's safest cities, Bloomfield is an ideal location for families, retirees and entrepreneurs that want a relaxed, friendly and connected community. 

Bloomfield is a community that cares. In 2015, the Bloomfield City Council decided to pursue the goal of energy independence by 2030.  The City of Bloomfield, through an Operation AmeriCorps grant, has a team of residential energy auditors to help identify and implement energy efficiency improvements for homes. A streetscape project using permeable pavers has been planned to assist with water quality management. Other energy efficient methods are being planned.

Bloomfield is a community that blends innovation and tradition. A gigabit community, one of the fastest internet services, is offered by the local telephone cooperative.  Just outside city limits is one of Iowa's largest Amish communities. 

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