Why Investing In A Community Matters

  • ​Studies have shown that communities that invest in themselves will see many benefits, including economic.
    • Since 2008, Bloomfield Main Street has led the way in many facade and upper story housing improvements on the square. Our efforts have already made an impact. According to Iowa State University's Department of Economic's 2015 Retail Trade Analysis, our Real Annual Taxable Sales have increased 33.33% in the last five years. http://www.icip.iastate.edu/sites/default/files/retail/retail_1907030.pdf
  • Community Pride
  • What happens if we don't?  
    • ​Investing in your community is the same as investing in your home or farm. If you don't do the upkeep and maintenance on those, they lose value, fall apart and eventually abandoned.
    • What if you never changed the oil in your car or put diesel in your tractor?
    • Farmers invest in land and livestock. They replenish nutrients in the ground. Fix fence & buildings. Homeowners invest in their property. Paint. New curtains. New furniture. Remodel. 

Investing in the future and our community

Investing in your community = a revitalized and reinvigorated community.

  • Financial Support
    • Your financial investment with Bloomfield Main Street is used in many ways to help our community. To name just a few: ​
      • ​Grant match. Assisting owners with matching funds for grants. 
      • Grant applications. Bloomfield Main Street applies for grants that benefit our community. The time, effort, resources and fees are paid for by Bloomfield Main Street. 
      • Bloomfield Main Street provides grants to businesses and the square to help with the costs of signage, facade improvements, design improvements. 
      • Marketing. Promoting events. Bringing people to our community and square. Bloomfield Main Street has led the way with marketing and promoting our community at the Iowa State Fair. 
  • Volunteer
    • How well would a business run if all of the employees were volunteers?  Bloomfield Main Street is a volunteer-driven organization. Volunteers are the reason our community is successful. 
    • Connect with your community. Volunteer. 
  • Support Local 
    • What message do we send our local businesses if we don't support them? 
    • Shop local. Eat local. Enjoy Local. Donate Local. Volunteer Local. 
    • ​And, yes, SMILE AT STRANGERS!