•  We're a gigabit community. One of the fastest internet services is offered by the local telephone company.  
  • Low cost of living. Compared to many larger communities, the cost of living in Bloomfield is less.  Depending on your location, the cost of living could be considerably less. (Cost of living factors included: grocery, health, housing, utilities, transportation, miscellaneous. Wonder how your community compares? https://www.bestplaces.net/cost-of-living/) 
  • Safety. Bloomfield has been recognized for several years as one of Iowa's safest communities. As the county seat, Bloomfield is part of the Emergency Communications Network, offering residents high-speed telephone emergency notifications through the CodeRed program. This program delivers critical community alerts for events, such as: weather emergencies, gas leaks, evacuation notices and missing children reports. The program is designed to help the community prepare and respond more effectively in times of crisis.
  • Education.  Approximately 1,100 attend Preschool through 12th grade in four separate building locations in Bloomfield. Students at Davis County CSD will receive a personalized education experience. Small class sizes and differentiated instruction are just some of the things that make an education at Davis County exemplary.  Davis County consolidated all the surrounding towns’ schools in 1960, and to this day it is the only county wide school district in the State of Iowa.
  • It's the life you've been craving. Community. Connection. ​A place where family and friends still gather for morning coffee. Home. 

 Nearby cities:

 Ottumwa - 20 minutes

 Centerville - 25 minutes

 Fairfield - 40 minutes

 Des Moines - 100 minutes

 Iowa City - 110 minutes

 Kansas City - 195 minutes

 St. Louis - 240 minutes

 Omaha - 240 minutes

 Chicago - 300 minutes

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Bloomfield ~ Davis County, Iowa
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