Bloomfield Main Street preserves and revitalizes the historic commercial district through business improvement, while maintaining and promoting the architectural and economic heritage of the community. 

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Our location:

101 E. Franklin Street

​Bloomfield IA 52537

The Four Point Approach

    1.  Promotion. Promoting the Bloomfield Main Street District.                             3.  Economic Vitality. Help existing businesses expand. Recruit new business. 

     2.  Design. ​ Getting Bloomfield Main Street into top physical condition.            4.  Organization. Promoting the organization and what we do.


President: Lexis Frymoyer 641-208-0617 

Vice President: Devyn Pitlick 319-400-4137

Our Mission

The Main Street Structure:  

Board of Directors. Made up of volunteers. Ambassadors for Bloomfield Main Street. Actively participate in goal setting, strategic planning, monitor & strengthen the organizatio  s and finances. Support the organization's mission through fundraising, decision making, event participation, networking, involvement, financial and volunteer support. 

Executive Director. On-site staff person. Reports to and is guided by the Board of Directors.  Manages all administrative aspects. Represents the organization and community. Serves as a liaison among the committees. Facilitator, coordinating people and resources to help committee volunteers. 

Volunteers. The backbone and driving force of a successful Main Street organization. Develop, monitor and participate in every aspect of the organization. Volunteers plan, organize and actively participate in events and projects. Recruit volunteers. Develop and organize training. Review policies and procedures. Assist in developing new leadership to sustain the revitalization effort for many years. 

Eight Guiding Principles

  1. Comprehensive. A comprehensive approach, including activity in each of Main Street's Four Points, is essential. 
  2. Incremental. Successful Revitalization programs begin with basic, simple activities that demonstrate that "new things are happening".
  3. Self-Help. No one will save your Main Street. Local leaders must have the will and desire to mobilize local resources and talent. 
  4. Partnerships. Both the public and private sectors have a vital interest in the district and must work together to achieve common goals. 
  5. Identifying and Capitalizing on Existing Assets. Business districts must capitalize on the assets that make them unique. 
  6. Quality. Emphasize quality in every aspect of the revitalization program. Quality over quantity. 
  7. Change. Shift public perceptions and practices to support and sustain the revitalization process. 
  8. Implementation. Show visible results that can only come from completing projects.