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We're home to many sights, sounds and experiences that you need to  be a part of! Relax, enjoy and discover.






Bloomfield Main Street's success is driven by volunteers that strengthen and promote the community. It takes an entire community to step up and get involved.

Discover how you can contribute. 

Snap a photo of Bloomfield's nationally acclaimed courthouse, savor a meal at a variety of family restaurants, find yourself on the square surrounded by creations of local artists and explore the antiques of the Hairy Nation. Rediscover life and community in a cutting-edge small town.


Tel: 641.664.2309 Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm

Bloomfield Main Street is a comprehensive program, working with building/business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and other interested persons to ensure success in the community.  We focus on community revitalization through economic development and historic preservation.


Nestled in the hills of Southeastern Iowa. A place where neighbors and friends still gather for morning coffee. A community that cares. 


Bloomfield Main Street is in the construction phase of downtown 2.1 million dollar Upper Story Housing (16 apartments). We're in the design/engineering phase of the downtown Streetscape. And we're assisting with the AmeriCorps initiative to achieve energy independence.




We hope you're excited to see what Bloomfield Main Street is doing in 2016! 


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