Good Morning Main Street District!

Bloomfield, Iowa

I wanted to reach out and just give an update of what’s been going on with Main Street recently. I just returned from a 2 day conference in Pella with Main Street Iowa. I had the pleasure of sitting in on some really good seminars and gathering some great information for our community! As you know we have been busy here are some of the things that we have been working on:

  • Community Walk and Talk
  • Farmers’ Market
  • Meet the Mustangs- August 24th
  • Fall Festival- September 24th
  • Hometown Christmas Celebration Dec 1-3rd
  • Community Connections Radio Program

I also wanted to extend a HUGE Thank you to all the businesses that sponsored these events or were investors this year. We implemented our first organized Investment Drive this year and we learned a lot about our process and ways to improve for next year but that didn’t stop 51, read that again, 51 local businesses from sponsoring or investing with Main Street! What’s even better is that 35 of those were Main Street District Businesses! Without these sponsors and investments none of our events would be possible so again THANK YOU!!

Our Economic Vitality Committee has also been working with the City of Bloomfield to get information on the sidewalk renovation that will be happening from the Grants the City applied for. They will start on the south side of the square (Franklin Street). Actual work on this project will start happening in the spring as weather allows. As the committee works with the City we will get updates out!

The Main Street website is also getting a facelift. It’s currently in the works right now but we are very excited to roll out our new and improved web page that will include more updates like these, resources, and a business directory with a map!

Lastly, If you haven’t had a chance to listen in to or speak on our Community Connections Radio Program on 106.9 FM check it out! This is Bloomfield’s Hometown Radio Station and we are live on air every Thursday at 1pm out of the Main Street Office. Typically we talk about Main Street events, upcoming community events, and have guest speakers from local businesses and organizations.

I hope you have enjoyed the update! Have a great weekend!

Jen Cutler
Executive Director Bloomfield Main Street